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Autonomous walk with mobile app
by Bia Bittencourt, Anxela  Louzao and Margherita Isola
Macba, Barcelona

We start to walk. One step, two steps, three steps we are looking down ... and surprise!
This app is about allied plants, living beings that heal us, nourish and balance, and that emerged from the asphalt of the city during the pandemic. Some were already there but we did not see them, others are growing and we are learning to recognize them.
The walk follows the health protocol of the first confinement of March 2020, and takes place within a radius of 1 km in the Poblenou neighborhood, starting and ending the walk at number 46 Badajoz street. To enable the walk there is a mobile app made up of a map, an audio guide and photographs. The route passes through 10 points where different species of medicinal ancestral plants grow through the cracks in the concrete. The audio guide explains stories and characteristics of each one of them, inviting us, at each step taken, to awaken our body and its multiple levels of communication and listening.
This walk can be done individually or in a group.
The “Allied” plant route is an autonomous activity that contemplates, through a new perspective, the efforts of surviving in an environment undermined by works and constructions in a living city. In this activity our mission is to highlight these small traces of care, knowledge and connection between us and nature.


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