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Dance Research
Centro Coreografico -Rio de Janeiro

Um punto saiu (A point comes out) makes a connection between dance and painting, exploring these two arts as a “together”.

About the cooperation between dance-painting, there is a long history, which I find great; Trisha Brown, Carolee Schneemann, Yves Klein,Pollock, Rauschenberg…and even Andy Warhol. Spurred by this history, and by my background as a contemporary dancer, I explore ways to create an archeology of movement which translates the dance into visual signs, and vice versa, the painting into a body event.

The process has been developed following 3 axes:

1. Dance Diagrams >  Diagrams based on repetition of a movement structure, in long duration.

2. Painting compositions > Composition based on improvisation movements.

3. Contact Drawings > Participatory drawings based on relation and contact

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